Uncovering forgotten wines. Finding resurgent varieties.

Welcome to Vitis Renaissance Wine Tours, a small but mighty tour company, where your love of wine and travel can happily combine.

We have carefully curated a fantastic group of vineyards unknown for you to explore, unearthing wineries that few have heard of.

We celebrate the fact that exploring a country through its wine and food provides an intimate insight into the history, the very spirit of the land and the people who live upon it, that a normal tour just can’t provide.

We specialize in places which once had a glorious history of wine making, revered throughout the courts and palaces of Europe and beyond, but politics and war had almost consigned them to obscurity forever. Varieties and wines that would have been as familiar to you as those of Cabernet and Chardonnay are now, were threatened with extinction. They are now undergoing a wonderful renaissance, almost entirely due to the protective caretaking by the descendants of those wine makers of old. These family owned, boutique wineries are hard to find, and in some cases, hard to reach, and where the person guiding you round will often be the winemaker themselves. These are the amazing places we want to introduce you to.

How does it work?

We take only small groups of up to 12 people, so we can maintain the level of customer service you deserve. These are people like you – wine fans, adventurous of spirit and who might normally plan their own trips.

Want to fashion your own adventure? We can do that too. We can design a tour especially for you or a small group of your friends, full of bespoke treats and excursions, enabling you to incorporate your other interests.

Either way, all of this is conducted with professional English speaking guides, in comfort and luxury. It is our intention that you return home feeling spoiled and relaxed, with fantastic tales to tell.

If you are bored of Chardonnay and Cabernet, perhaps wondering if there is anything beyond yet another Sauvignon Blanc, allow us to take you on the road less travelled. Unusual varieties and tastes await you, as you feel the excitement of discovering a brand new experience of wine from family owned, historic estates. Contact us and let the games begin!